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Pet Advanced Dentistry

Discover dentistry services at Bear Creek Animal Hospital in
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Transformative Benefits of Advanced Dentistry for Your Beloved Companion

At Bear Creek Animal Hospital, we’re not just a veterinary clinic – we are dedicated to providing exceptional care for your pet. We provide advanced dentistry focused on ensuring vibrant oral health, going above and beyond standard veterinary care.

a dog is examined by a veterinarian

Nurturing Oral Health, Fostering Happiness


  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Our comprehensive dental cleanings include full-mouth dental radiographs (dental x-rays) to help detect anomalies indicating infection or a problem beneath the gumline in your pet’s mouth.
  • Tailored Excellence: Our experienced veterinarians in Wentzville, MO, provide specialized care for pets. With a compassionate approach and a calming atmosphere, we prioritize stress-free dental experiences.
  • Bloodwork: We perform pre-anesthetic bloodwork before the procedure to help keep your pet safe during anesthesia. Bloodwork allows us to understand any concerns with internal organ function ahead of time to mitigate potential risks.
  • Thorough Oral Care: Advanced dentistry encompasses more than just cleaning. By focusing on periodontal care and proactive treatment, we address the root of any dental issues for lasting results.
  • Comfort Above All: We understand that some pets may experience anxiety during visits. We prioritize their comfort and health, offering sedation options when necessary to ensure a serene experience.
  • Beyond the Smile: Maintaining a healthy mouth is crucial for overall vitality. Our advanced dentistry not only prevents bad breath but also plays a vital role in averting potential heart and kidney complications, contributing to well-being.
  • Goody Bags: Following the dental procedure, your pet will receive a goody bag full of preventative treats to maintain good oral health at home.

A Journey to Healthier Smiles & Happier Lives

The expression of joy in your pet, from the wag of their tail to the warmth of their snuggle, holds a special place in your heart. Envision the happiness they would exude with a revitalized smile devoid of discomfort and radiating confidence. Advanced dentistry at Bear Creek Animal Hospital turns this vision into a reality.

We go beyond routine teeth cleaning; we create personal experiences. Our mastery in advanced dentistry is more than a service; it signifies our unwavering dedication to enhancing the enduring connection between you and your beloved pet.

Embark on the Journey to Radiant Smiles!

Unsure if your pet needs advanced dental care? Please schedule a consultation at our animal hospital in Wentzville, MO; our team can help you determine what dental care is ideal for your pet. Together, let’s shape a future filled with healthier, happier smiles.

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